Iron Poet Round 1!

The submissions for round one of the Iron Poet of Central Illinois are in! They are below. Please vote on our Facebook page by posting the title of your favorite in the comments. Enjoy!

The Mist Hits My Face

The mist hits my face

As the mighty waves crash in

I stare at the void

The ocean is very blue

Arg, a pirate’s life for me

Love Is Within Us 

Love is within us

Waiting patiently in the dark

We crave credence 

You are broken first 

We try building trust again. 

Beauties in the Water

Floating so gently

Resembling a submarine

Grey, round, and bumpy

Blue, warm water surrounding

Large but lovely manatees

When You Leave

It happened so fast.

My heart shattered in pieces.

You walk out on me.

When I needed you the most.

How do I get what we had?