Teen Writers

So there will be a variety of posts on this blog, but most of them will be rooted in a project we’re taking on to connect young writers from diverse communities. The very basic outline is that, each month, we will put out a theme (“home”, “music”, “Wal-Mart”), and high school students are invited to send in their basic response (a poem, a flash fiction piece, a monologue, a piece of visual art) to zjarvis@eureka.edu.

After we post some of the material, readers are invited to follow up with either positive comments or questions (“What does X mean?”, which would essentially be the writers asking each other for footnotes). The staff will then coordinate responses from the original writer.

If you’re a teacher or youth writing coordinator who knows young writers interested in having their work up on the blog or in reading others’ responses, please let us know, and we will pass along more information or answer any questions that you have. If you’re a young writer, feel free to send your writing and/or art as a .pdf or .doc attachment to zjarvis@eureka.edu. Please include your first name (if you’re comfortable doing so), your grade, and your city. We already have some work up, so please feel free to send along your positive comments and/or questions as well. The theme for March is “food”.