Music entry – Hannah

Hannah P. 8th Grade

She sits at home, blaring her music. She thinks that the world is against her. That no one is on her side. That no one would choose her over anyone else. She blares her music, because it’s the only time she ever feels happy. Everyone calls her the music nerd. She is called the music nerd because she knows everything from 1945, Billie Holiday, to 1967, It’s Not Unusual, and she knows all the hits from the 70s’, the 80s’, and the 90s’. She listens to everything from Death Metal, to Punk Pop, to Bubblegum Pop from South Korea. She knows more bands and musicians than people. She listens to music cause it’s the only thing that hasn’t left her. Sure she has memories that never leave, but all of those memories are filled with music. Whether it’s listening to happy songs during sad times, or sad songs during happy times. Whether it’s the right song at the wrong time, or the wrong song at the right time. Maybe it’s the right song at the right, or the wrong song at the wrong time. Music is her number one. Always has, always will be. Words can’t express her love for music. When everything goes bad, but music can lift her spirit. It does what no one else can. It makes her feel at home and in peace. It makes everything better. Music is the one thing she’ll love forever. So she blares her music.