Amy, Home

Here’s a “home”entry from Amy from Galva, IL



It’s 11:00 a.m. and I’m getting ready to leave home. I’m going to miss Indianapolis, but I definitely won’t miss my family. Thank God my apartment is set and ready to move in. It’s my last day in this house and my room is completely empty. “Bella!” my mom yells at me as she’s calling me down to say goodbye. I walk down the stairs and I think about how I am ready to finally move out. “I still can’t believe you are doing this. For the last time, I’m just telling you how much you’re not ready. You just graduated high school and you haven’t even started college. Who is going to be there to help you guide your way through life?” Ugh my mom has told me this enough times, I’ve heard it enough. “Mom, I’m moving out and you can’t stop me. I’m 18 now.” I hear my dad walk into the living room and he says, “I agree with your mother.”

Jesus, if this couldn’t get any worse. I swear my parents don’t trust me with anything. They don’t believe me. I walk back up to my room, get the last of my things, tell my parents bye, and walk out to my car to leave. This drive is about 30 minutes away.. This apartment is closer to campus anyways. Once I get there I unpack right away. I need to make this place feel like home. My first actual day of college is in 2 days, the summer visits were nice so I am not too worried. The next day I prepare all of my school stuff. There is a party for incoming freshman and I’m so extremely excited to go. Time to meet new people.

I get ready for the party around 7. The party is at 8. I get there around 8:30, and it’s already jam packed. Everyone looks like they’re having fun. I grab a drink and start dancing and singing. A cute boy approaches and asks me where I’m from. I tell him and ask him the same. “I’m living on campus, but I used to live about an hour away from where you did,” he says. “Small world,” I say as I chuckle. Ethan and I hit it off immediately. Definitely happy I went to that party. The next day I am tired, but we didn’t do much on the first day.

After school, I went job hunting. I was told about being an assistant for a girl that came from a trust fund. I went to go get a job application. If she lives off her trust fund it must be good pay. I then get fast food for dinner for the 3rd night in a row. I need to learn how to cook. It’s now Thursday. School is okay, but I am already starting to pile up on homework. Not having time in class to do work is definitely a change I need to get used to. My phone rings, “Hello, is this Bella?” “Yes,” I say and asking who is on the phone. “This Annie, I’m calling about the job application you sent in. You got the job! If you can come here and start at 4 that would be great. I’ll see you then,” then she hung up the phone. She sounds demanding. I rush there as soon as possible and knock on her door.

I hope I’m at the right house. I must be though since this house is huge. She pulls me in and immediately starts talking about all the stuff she needs done: Cleaning, organizing bills and papers, and taking care of her dog. She tells me, “If you don’t have these things done like they’re listed I will fire you. So, depending on how you do will determine whether or not you will keep your job.” The next two days are like hell. She is always calling me, my homework has become piled up because I’m always working, and I never have time for myself. I got my first check today though. She pays great. My check covers my housing bill for the month and some of my college dues. Today I have a day off so I’m going to go to another party tonight. Saturday night parties are the best. I need to have some fun for myself, this week has been stressful. I go there around 9, party until 10:30 until I get a call… from Annie.

“Emergency! This guy I met wants me to go out with him right now and I can’t leave poor Luna home alone. I was doing my bills as well so I’m going to need you to finish them.” “Annie, I’m not home… is there anyw-” I say as I get cut off by her. “No, absolutely not. Unless you don’t want this job.” I tell her I’ll be there and drive there. I brought my homework to work on as well. I haven’t talked to my parents since I’ve left but I miss them working around the house and doing bills. I call my mom. “Hello? Bella it’s 11 at night, what’s up.” I immediately start crying. I just can’t help it. My mom asks me what’s wrong and I explain how school is hard, I have no time for myself, the lady I work for is so selfish and demanding, and bills are stressful. She offers me to come back home and I immediately take her up on the opportunity. I tell her how much I miss her and how I’m sorry for thinking that they thought I couldn’t handle anything. She tells me, “I believe you can do anything you can set your mind to, I just wasn’t ready for you to leave. I love you.” The next morning I’m still at Annie’s because she never showed up during the night. She came home around 10 a.m. “Long time no see.” I say to Annie as I chuckle. “Oh by the way, I quit. I’m going back home.”

She seems really disappointed when I tell her. “I’m going to miss you. You’re one of the best workers I’ve had. You are one committed girl. Text me if you’re ever back,” she tells me. That is definitely a confidence boost, but I do not want to work for her again… unless I desperately need money, I leave all of her stuff the way she wanted it, walk out, and drive back to my place. I pack the important stuff as fast as I can and leave. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to see my parents.

When I arrive I run up to my parents, hug them both, and apologize. “I never want to leave you guys again. That was the hardest week of my entire life.” I say while trying to pull myself together. My dad laughs and says, “I’m so glad you came back. It was quiet here.”  We all sit down and watch a movie. While watching the movie all I can think about is how I never want to take my parents, home, or life for granted.