Lexi, Galva

Here’s a Home entry from Lexi, Grade 9, Galva


    There is this girl named Abby and she has a terrible home life. She never wants to be home, but if she’s not home she gets yelled at for not being home but when she’s home she just gets yelled at anyways. All her parents do at home is fight and argue over pointless stuff, she just wishes they would get a divorce. At school everyone makes fun of her for her clothes but it isn’t her fault that her parents can’t afford new clothes for her. All she gets to wear is her older sister’s hand-me-downs.

She has two bestfriends that she tells everything to, but some stuff she just can’t tell. She feels like everyone just hates her. One day she finally has had enough of her parents screaming and fighting, and being hit, that she runs away and calls the cops. The cops put her in foster care and she was sent to really good home with the Smith’s. Her parents were then taken to jail for child abuse and domestic battery. She felt so bad for her parent’s she felt as if it were her fault they were in jail, when in reality, they did it to themselves.

      The Smith’s family was so nice to her and she finally got some new clothes and a nice big house, and got to stay in the same school. Everyone at school started to realize what she has been through and started being nice to her and she finally had some friends and people to talk to!  Her older sister did not get put in the same foster home. She got sent to another one, it was still a really good home. Although they don’t live together anymore, they still get to see each other at school everyday! Finally a miracle happened for someone who deserved it.