Kaden – Galva – Home

Here’s the “home” entry from Kaden from Galva



People say that home is where the heart is. My heart has been here in this tiny  ever since I was born. Now, this summer I’m moving to Michigan. I will be living in a suburb of a major city, and attending a private Christian School.


I’m very scared for all of the changes that will come with this move. My life will basically restart. I will have to find new friends, new clubs to be involved in, and new places to get good food. The school is much bigger than GHS. They’re around 130 per grade compared to 40 per grade here.


I’m a little excited, but mostly sad. I don’t want to leave all of my friends and my school. Here, I am very involved in the Performing Arts Academy. It has been one of the best experiences of my life, and I’m going to hate leaving it. It’s taught me a lot and I’ve developed as a person because of it.


My friends here all mean a lot to me, so it will be very difficult to leave them behind. We have made so many memories and had a lot of laughs together. I was hoping for three more years of that, but now my time is being cut short.


At my new school I will try to get involved in their theatre program. They have a very successful group, and perform three shows per year. I’m hoping to make new friends through this so that the transition will be easier.


The school in general is very nice. It offers a lot more classes and a lot more athletic teams. It will be a much different environment being a private school. I’ve already been homeschooled and gone to public school, but this will be my first time in a private school. I think I will have a lot of good opportunities there.


In conclusion, the move is going to be very hard, but I will try and make the best of it. It can be exciting and new and I’m hoping for the best. I appreciate all the good times that my hometown has brought me, and I’ll miss it a lot.