Cameron W, Galva

Not be confused with Cameron G, here’s Cameron W on Home


Dog Tags


    As the bullets flew of the Americans, they were all worried. They all had just got out of training and this was this first war. Of course they had been dropped in WW11. The oldest out of them was only 21. He left his family at home including his wife and baby girl. Now he was just a leader of a squad in WW11. All he wanted to do was go home. That’s all he thought about. His wife was indifferent about him joining the marines.

But, they really needed the money.

So she had let him.

He was now in his foxhole just wanting it to end. But, he knew the only way he could get out and go back home was to fight. So after the bullets slowed he ordered his man to fight back. He stood up and started firing; watching his enemies dropping in front of him. They started to get out of their foxholes and advanced. After a while he ordered his men to stop and regroup. He waited and waited. After 5 minutes his men had came. He started with 30 men in his squad. He was surprised when only 10 men came to regroup. They had slowed down because the enemy started to fire even more. So they waited. Their mission was to gather intel from a captured american spy and bring him home. They had gotten so far, but they had almost no chance to get to him now. There had to be 50 to 75 more enemies guarding the tortured spy. When the bullets stopped they got back up and kept pushing forward.

The Marine was still ordering them to fire until he watched his buddy fall. When he seen that he ordered them to hold. They all came close to him. He was putting pressure on his buddy’s wound. It was bleeding nonstop. His buddy pulled him close and told him to tell his wife that he loved her and to keep killing the enemies. His buddy had died just them, so the marine grabbed his dog tags stuck them in his pocket and pushed on. There were 20 enemies left and the squad was done to just the single marine. He had to go stealthy now. After killing 15 with just a knife the final 5 people were standing next to the spy about 100 yards from the marine’s position. So he pulled out his rifle, and put the suppressor on it. He was an excellent shot, actually graduating top of his class in shooting.  He sniped all 5 without them finding him. So he walked to the spy. He had confirmed that he was the spy and called for a helicopter out of there.

Back home, his wife admired his buddy’s dog tags.