Amber Music

Alexis, 9th Grade


    She hated going to school. Matter of fact, she hated going anywhere. That was without her headphones. She had a rough life. Her parents never got along, her friends all were so rude to her and always started pointless rumors about her. She never had anyone to go to. The only thing that ever made her happy was her headphones. Putting those on allowed her to escape the world and all her worries. Whenever she had had enough she would just slip her headphones on. She used to get yelled at for putting them on in class, but now the teachers don’t even bother. It’s like she’s invisible. She loves learning and she is very intelligent. Just everyone laughing at her in class whether it’s the way she dressed or the answer she says when she raises her hand in class. So now she just doesn’t bother. She hasn’t turned in a homework assignment for weeks. Her parents couldn’t care less if she even comes home at night. All she ever wanted were parents who just did the simplest of things. Such as just asking how her day was or even if she had any homework. All they ever did was downgrade her and argue. She loves music. She knows all about music artists. She just needs to get away.

One day she decided to make a plan. She was going to run away. She had an aunt in Illinois, the state over, since she lived in Iowa. She has always talked to her aunt every once in awhile on a messaging app she has. She decided she was going to walk to her aunt’s. She lived 2 and ½ hours from her so she started walking one day. If she walked nonstop, it would take her 45 hours to get there, but she knew she couldn’t walk all that way without stopping. She stopped and stayed the night behind a gas station. All the way there she didn’t take out her headphones once. She blocked out the world. She finally made it to her aunt’s house and her aunt let her live there, and her parents never bothered to message her until a month after. They were so angry with her for leaving but she figured not angry enough to want her back. She loved it with her aunt! Her aunt took her and got her the newest pair of headphones and a new ipod to listen to it on! She also started at a new school and got new clothes and she never really got made fun of again. She started doing her schoolwork again and she was amazing at it, so good that she got scholarships from many colleges for her intelligence! Her headphones helped her through so many hard times. So many nights she couldn’t sleep because her parents fought all night so she would just put them in. She wouldn’t be the person she was today without her headphones.